Je ne sais quoi - the 'fifth element'

In the worlds of the pop diva, catwalk model and Hollywood starlet, where beauty and sexiness are everywhere you look, and where elegance and femininity are nothing more than marketing tools, it is quite often the lady with this fifth element that goes on to win the Oscar, Grammy or appear on the front cover of Vogue magazine.

Simply translated, "Je ne sais quoi" means "I don't know what". When a lady is described as having "je ne sais quoi", it means she has a certain something, an undefineable quality that, by its very nature, can't be put into one of the other four categories. She might not be all that beautiful, and not what you'd describe as sexy. She might be as elegant as a brown paper bag and as feminine as Mike Tyson. Yet there is definitely something about her that makes her interesting, and in a strange way attractive. You might need to get to know her first, and you may wonder what it is about her that makes her captivating, but you will realise that she is captivating, and quite possibly the most popular lady in the room.

Just as 'Je ne said quoi' can't be easily described, it's also something that can't be learned, acquired or purchased. Beauty can be achieved (to a greater or lesser extent) with cosmetics and even cosmetic surgery. Sexiness can be achieved with the right clothes, makeup and attitude. Elegance can be achieved with a bit of effort and discipline, and femininity can be achieved with a combination of the other three. But 'Je ne sais quoi' just comes naturally, and a lady either has it or she doesn't. In all probability, a lady who has a fairly even combination of all five elements will truly be an "Ideal Lady".

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